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About Us

“I am a mother, a farmer, a horse whisperer, an alchemist, a healer because every day I hope for the healing of the human being. I am an artist, I am one with Mother Earth, I seek sustainability, I seek oneness...
-Gemma Ra’Star (Kristin DiFerdinando) Founder of Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary

The Word Wumaniti is from ancient pleiadian star language and is defined as the time of the balance of the masculine and feminine.

In the Prophecies of our elder communities of the Hopi, Mayan, many Indigenous cultures from all over the planet and even the Bible, the 5,000 years of war ended within the time of 2012.

Now it is up to us to unveil the fear and come together as our own sustainable community of peace, love, gratitude, and oneness NOW.

About Us
Unifying Global Indigenous Ways & Mother Earth is our Church

We are a very unique community demonstrating the importance of protecting the Earth's plant medicines, the waters, and providing cultural equine therapy to the Taos Northern New Mexico and Tribal communities and the members of the Wumaniti family across the United States and International.

Wumaniti’s mission is simple:

Educate and promote the healing properties of hemp and horses, while sustaining permacultural and economic lifestyles within cultural communities while healing both the Earth’s land, our physical bodies, hearts, minds and souls.


Through our unique configuration, the Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary is a bonafide church non-profit federally recognized organization for protecting members exercising the freedom to utilize, transport and grow hemp, cannabis and indigenous plant sacraments.

Gemma Ra'Star announced the Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary growing hemp to the DEA, DOJ, and the State of NM in May 2015, with the goals of agricultural and economic development in Indian Country. Since then successfully grown five harvest seasons and continues to inspire our indigenous people.

Through our matriarchal society with bonafide lineage and history, our people work with the laws of the land through the guidance of the Pachamama ceremonies and our own traditional backgrounds and personal daily disciplines.



Our Founder Gemma Ra'Star has spent over 20 years living off-grid building a foundation of humanitarian service and community around the cultivation of hemp, the healing powers of nature, and the therapeutic and transformative qualities of connecting with horses.


We at Wumaniti strive to be positive role models for the children in our community.

We educate and offer herbal organic food lifestyle alternatives, with proven testimonials of improving lives as well as enhancing the quality of life for horses, dogs and birds.

It takes all levels of civic engagement

to come together to improve the quality of life in our community,

keeping large corporate entities out,

while providing healthy outlets and spaces

that are alcohol/drug/and predator-free zones.


Wumaniti Give's Back to the Community and Local Non-Profits


Through out the years,

we have made

contributions to:

- Taos County Agricultural Center

- The Body Shop Taos

- Roots and Wings Charter School

- Taos Tiger's High School

- UNM Taos Children's Fall Festival Regeneration Taos

- Taos County Economic Development Center

- Dream tree Project

- Red Willow Farms

- Tewa Women United

Gathering for Mother Earth

- CAV (Community Against Violence)

- Oo-oo-nah Art Center

- Rocky Mountain Youth Corp

- Butterfly Healing Center

- Tribal Vision Festival

- Behavioral Health at

Taos-Picuris Indian Health Center

Taos Pueblo Health and Community Services

Taos County Community Health Fair

Taos Pueblo Day School PTO Thanksgiving Pow-Wow

Taos Pueblo Headstart P.C.C

Taos Pueblo Pow-Wow

Taos Day School Girls Empowerment Group.

We are very grateful for our

Strong Relationships established with our local government

and the NM Police.

Our vision is:

Organic and Homegrown

creating a community that elevates the frequency of our planet and humans, plants and animal inhabitants into this

present of Now with each

New Member’s awakening and healing.

Our model is also completely duplicable.

We are dedicated to our mission

and ready to see this model replicated in as many schools, pueblos, hospitals,

and cultural communities as possible. ​

We have many people who wholeheartedly believe in our mission.

We have met with indigenous leaders in Alaska, China, Jamaica, Mexico, and the USA.

Our funding over the years has come from our well followed and loved organic seed to shelf hemp products
and from donations from our rapidly expanding membership community.

We are all about inspiring economic development especially business education to kids, women and tribal members,

especially in our New Mexico Cultural Communities.

Within our mission, one of our top goals is to educate agricultural career opportunities to our New Mexico Native's.

Love what you see,

here are some possible opportunities to get involved!


Currently while we grow organically here are some options for you:

Start by GETTING A MEMBERSHIP and volunteering:

with our Horses ! (Great way of getting off your device and giving thanks!)




Horse Safety - Approaches, Respect, Energy, Equipment

Horse Ground Training - Learn about the energy between you, the halter, the lead rope, and the extension of you.

Horse Massage - Grounding, Brain/Heart Cognitive Function and focus techniques slowing down the thoughts process.

Applying Body care - To strengthen manes and minds.

Mucking - Build arm and core strength, a great mindful practice for getting rids of mental poop! No pun intended lol!


One may qualify for our local NM teens internship economic development program for opportunities in:






Local NM Natives & folks devoted to our mission may apply for membership for:

2020 Summer & Fall Job opportunities in




Members may apply for:


Private Group Retreat and Schoolings

for off-grid farming & sustainable solutions


                      (HIGHLY recommended for sustainable land grower & sustainable building teams)


Essentially you get the opportunity to book a life expanding schooling retreat adventure!

An Amazing family, friends, business client experience!  

Imagine training with Gemma Ra'Star , a 20+year (in this lifetime!) farm to table hemp expert and her sustainable crew!

Book a 3 Day or one week retreat and Get a Real Life Learning Experience with:



Sustainable Hempcrete Adobe building

Horse-rides to sacred temple caves

Outdoor Fitness Fun

Plant Medicine Diet Recipes

Off-grid Living in Tipi's and Yurt's,

River tubing

Fishing, Singing




Bring the whole family! On-site babysitting available!