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Benefits of the Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary Membership

The Benefits of being a member of Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary along with the one's who have come before us:

     It is because you have been chosen to walk the healing road and with hope and faith you will be making the effort of being the change you wish to seek.

Being a member of the Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary gives you the opportunity to make a pledge

and stand with an established transparent grassroots bonafide sustainable mother earth is our church organization.

All Ages - Under 18 years old requires for one guardian to be a member

We welcome warmly Veterans, children, and elders



  • Membership Card providing connections with federally recognized spiritual communities who are exercising the practices of Earth Based Indigenous and spiritually empowering & healing ceremonies​​


  • Get exclusive specials and rewards on our Healing Sacraments (Products) .


  • Access to our members only sacrament offerings and shamans throughout all 50 states and Internationally.


  • Children may be exempt from in school vaccinations.


  • Participation in Wumaniti gatherings and circles such as sacred breath, holy anointing, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Vipasayna, and Indigenous European Steam lodges.


  • Connections to our trusted network of Wumaniti Healers and Sacrament Guides including: Doctors of herbal medicine, energy workers, internal alchemy practitioners, healers, International Indigenous shamans, counselors, curandera, curandero, road man, road woman, sacred pipe carriers, water pourers, Rastafarian & Sadhu traditions, motivational speakers, and nutritionalists.


  • Volunteering opportunities in our greenhouses


  • Access to volunteering with the horses and experiencing indigenous horsemanship.


  • Invites to our cultural horse events, healing retreats and classes for the whole family.


  • Opportunities to attend free equine therapy for the whole family.


  • Free meditations & opportunities to share your healing techniques with other members.


  • Free Traditional Native American Sweat Lodges and Traditional European Steam Lodges for the whole family.


  • Available after certain Rites of Passage are made: Native American tepee ceremony and sweat lodges in Northern New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, California, North Dakota, South Dakota, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Brazil are available after certain blessings and rites of passage are made.


  • Educating court appointed attorneys on how the Law RFRA “Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000“ will assist him or her in successfully representing you and others against any and all misguided Federal and/or State judicial prosecutions


Wumaniti is a non-profit organization however, tax deductible donations are always accepted.


All monies support the vision and creation of youth and family events involving

sustainable traditions with growing food and indigenous natural horsemanship.



Higher Institute

of Consciousness


​Do you have a Wumaniti Identification Card?

Join our Member Network and ​Become a Sacrament Carrier!

Please read through the entirety of this page.


Pleas email us a description
on why you are feeling the grace for this opportunity of gratification.
Once you have agreed to abide by WUMANITI EARTH NATIVE SANCTUARY’s
Code of Ethics and Tenets of faith,
you may begin the membership process.

Code of Ethics

Members adhere to the following

Code of Ethics:

I agree to absolutely no alcohol abuse.

I agree to absolutely no drug use with man-made drugs to include heroin, crack, co- caine, and methamphetamines.

I agree not to abuse any substance that would cause harm to oneself or anyone else including but not limited to harmful pharmaceutical drug abuse, or abuse of any mind altering substance.

Respect for all people & earth, I agree not to intentionally harm others sexually, spiritually, or physically.

Violation in the above or get in trouble with the law in any way regarding the above, understand WENS may not claim you as a member, and your membership, and any additional agreement we may have together, may be immediately and permanently terminated and/or revoked.

Tenet's of Faith

1) Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary (hereinafter referred by WENS) spiritual practices are inspired and conducted congruent with Earth Indigenous and spiritual practices, cultivated over the millennia. All WENS spiritual practices also respect the common good, with due regard for public safety, health, and order.

2) WENS believes that all life making the attempt of living in a good way are children of our Mother Earth, Great Creator; WENS is open to membership of all people, regardless of racial, ethnic, cultural, or religious background.

3) Do Not Cause Intentional Harm: WENS follows the universal rule to not conscientiously or intentionally harm anyone, including any person, Earth, or any of her children. T​his includes sexually, emotionally, spiritually, or physically. Therefore WENS believes in supporting and perpetuating special societal efforts like fair-trade and sustainable technology, and other similar affirmative efforts to truly cause no harm to anyone or anything.

4) We Are All One: WENS bases all religious and spiritual practices and beliefs on Earth's Indigenous belief that all life is connected, all is one, not just on earth, but in the entire universe. WENS also believes that because we are all one, when divinity is experienced by one, divinity may be experienced by all. Divinity experienced by one will create the ability for all life to experience and know the same for themselves. Therefore, we aim to experience divinity not just for personal religious and spiritual development, we aim for such development for the higher good of all life.

5) How We Learn: We learn to connect with our individual and universal divinity first from our Great Creator Mother Earth, second from our own divine knowledge, and third from others who have done so before us, and offer benevolent assistance. Learning from the earth may include the sacred use and guidance of plant sacraments which may include Cannabis, Hemp, Grasses, Tree Barks, Mushrooms, Cactuses and Bird of Prey Feathers, in line with one’s divine truth and guidance, and also includes learning directly from the sun, moon, water, wind, rocks, trees, all our sacred elements and directions. WENS directly opposes alcohol abuse, and man-made drugs to include heroin, cocaine, crack-cocaine and methamphetamines. WENS opposes abuse of any substance that causes harm to oneself or anyone else, including but not limited to harmful pharmaceutical drug abuse.

6) We Are All Connected By Love: Love is what keeps us connected in this physical world where things appear separate, but we are truly not separate. Where there is love, there is no fear; and where there is no fear, there is no separateness. Thus, as love is the underlying principle in all actions and thoughts, as thoughts are things, we aim to keep pure, clean energy in our thoughts, feelings, intentions and actions.

In this Day in Age, Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary members
understand the dharma of following a strict discipline
when it comes to the Code of Ethics.
Support the Happenings Now and Creation of
Sustainable Turtle Island Northern NM Global Indigenous Living Involving

Sustainable Traditions with Growing Food, Clean Water and

Cultural Natural Horsemanship.



WE Exist Because of YOU​

As a non-profit organization we rely on our member’s generosity to be able to support our mission and our programs.

Without the unity of community minded people, we would be unable to provide our programs and aid for others.

Your generosity will make a difference by allowing us to continue to support and serve the community.



​We are endlessly appreciative.
Many Blessings!

Mailing address:

Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary P.O. Box 1334 Taos, NM 87571
Thank you for your consideration in joining Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary.

Privacy Policy

Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary (herein as “WENS”) asserts the same rights and freedoms that all other legally recognized religions receive; including no financial or membership disclosure to any government agency.
Wumaniti agrees to keep your information confidential and not release or sell it to any third party.

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